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This document was adopted by the Board at their meeting of 27th August 2014.

1. The financial year for Freegle Ltd runs from 6th April to 5th April.

2. At the end of each year, the final accounts will be prepared. The accounts and a short financial report will be posted on Central by the end of May, giving an opportunity for any questions to be raised and answered. There will be a poll of Freegle Members to accept the accounts.

3. If required (ie. if not disapplied under Rule 104) an Auditor will be sought from suitably qualified candidates from within and outside of Freegle within the criteria set out in Rule 105. The Auditor will be chosen by the Board and recommended to Freegle Members. (Refer to Rules 104-108)

4. Financial records will be kept so that Freegle can:

  • Meet any legal and other obligations.
  • Enable the Board to oversee the organisation’s finances on behalf of Freegle Members.
  • Meet contractual obligations and the requirements of any funding bodies.
  • Provide auditable records to ensure accountability and security for individuals and the organisation.

5. The Board are responsible for ensuring that any expenditure is in the best interests of Freegle Ltd, taking account of ethical, recycling, reuse and environmental implications where practicable. Any income will be applied solely towards the Objects of Freegle (Rule 4).

6. Expenditure must not be committed without prior authorisation by the Board. No contracts, hire purchase agreements or leases will be entered into in the name of Freegle without the Board’s approval, in an email from the Board’s email account. Freegle Ltd does not accept liability for any financial commitment unless properly authorised. Should a situation occur where an order is placed or undertaken or given with unauthorised financial consequences, the Board will decide a course of action and will record their decision in Board minutes.

7. One bank account will be used for Freegle Ltd’s central funds and can only be operated with the authority of the Board and will be held in the name of Freegle Ltd.

8. Any fund raising and grant applications undertaken on behalf of Freegle Ltd nationally can only be carried out in the name of the organisation with prior approval of the Board. Approval must be in an email from the Board’s email account.

9. The Board are collectively responsible for financial matters, and that legal responsibility is not reduced by appointment of a Finance Director, Treasurer or other financial role.

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