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Business cards are a relatively cheap way of promoting your community. You can get them printed from a local printer or online printers such as Vistaprint. A generic Freegle business card is available on Posters, fliers, cards in two sizes. If you want another size or a specific design for your community, just email and ask!

If you would like a supply of Freegle cards, email and, as long as stocks permit!, some will be sent to you FOC. Or you can order some via Modtools on the Publicity tab.

24th March 2017 - As an experiment, when people post a TAKEN/RECEIVED on Freegle Direct they may now get asked whether they would like some Freegle business cards to hand out to folk.

Places volunteers have found that cards can be left on the High Street

  • Cafes
  • Cinemas
  • Arrange with friendly retailers to hand them out (usually ones with green aspirations)
  • Supermarkets (local notice boards. They removed them from the neat files with those showing local tradesmen. If you speak to local supermarkets managers they will allow you to spend a day giving out cards and talking to customers on their way in or out and will allow you to put up a banner or posters around the entrance and of course their own staff rooms are great.)
  • Corner shop and newsagents
  • Estate agents
  • Repair stores
  • Takeaways -
    • "one local chip shop takes more than anywhere else. He keeps them on the counter"
    • "when someone from the local indian takeaway came around saying they did deliveries and giving leaflet, and persuaded them to take some business cards with them to put in the takeaway :)"
  • Charity shops - suggest they can hand them to people who offer electrical or other stuff they can’t take in their shops.
  • Chemists
  • Carpet shops are good because they have lots of waste such as bits of carpet, wrapping, tubes etc
  • Churches, Synagogues and any other places of worship often have outreach projects and are happy to dish out the cards
  • Pubs & clubs
  • Train stations
  • Doctors and dentist surgeries
  • by skips and bins (be selective with this option!)
  • Bus shelters
  • Shopping centres

Places in the community that may hand out cards for you:

  • Citizens' Advice Bureau
  • Housing advice places
  • Community venues
  • Community halls
  • Customer services at: Town Halls, council premises, removal companies, funeral directors,
  • Universities
  • Parish halls
  • MPs office
  • Housing Associations
  • ousing estate offices
  • Tradesmen
  • Unemployment and other social help centres
  • The TIP
  • Green Fairs
  • Libraries are good. Get hold of their Head Librarian and many will take some for each of their branches.
  • Car Booters will give them out on their stalls, especially those who do it for charities.
  • Building site in their office or even in the 'Show house'
  • Schools, scouts etc to give to the children for their parents.

Places to display Business cards or Postcards

  • Noticeboards (cafes, charity shops, food shops, anywhere)
  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Hospitals
  • Sports centres
  • Cafes

Suggest to members (and do yourself!)

  • Always carry some with me.
  • Leave on bus/train seats or give out during the journey!
  • Give a few to people who collect freegled items from you
  • Include one in Ebay or other similar parcels you send out
  • Leave one as a bookmark in a book returned or bookcrossed
  • Leave in your work canteen or break rooms
  • Give to anyone who comes to the door trying to sell you something.
  • Put them through doors of houses where stuff has been "dumped" in front gardens
  • Offer on the community in batches of 10, then post out to members as requested. A suitable message could be:

"OFFER: Freegle Business Cards
"Can you help promote Freegle? Send your address and I will post you a dozen business cards. As well as giving them to family, friends and colleagues you could put one in any letters/parcels that you post, leave them as a bookmark when you return books to the library, ask your favourite shop, cafe or pub to put them on the counter or put them through doors of houses where stuff has been "dumped" in front gardens."

For a suggestion on how best to post some cards to your members, see Sending Business Cards

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