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This page is now obsolete and has been archived. October 2018

This page lists the hardware, software, web sites, projects and tools supported by the Freegle-Tech team. Please also see the tasks list of things to do (and some done). This page needs expanded as and when we have time to fill in the details - this is an important task to ensure that Tech knowledge and procedures are documented and passed on as far as possible.

See here for a list of regular-ish Tech Jobs.

Access details and locations of crucial files etc will not detailed here.

Documentation often gets out of date, or is incomplete in the first place, so consider this a guide for you to scout around, not a definitive statement of fact.

Web site

Website Editing

Freegle Website Editing Procedure

Domain names

  • DNS config

Web hosting

See message posted to Central 13th October 2011

Web site system

  • runs what?
  • rebooting
  • database
  • email SMTP server
  • command line: putty / puttygen
  • FTP, eg WinSCP
  • Stats
  • backup

Sub-domains + layout

    • /groups/ pages use code on and file at /kml/Freegle.kml
    • /kml/ stores Freegle.kml
    • Also known as and
    • Find a Group JavaScript code
      • Used by www /groups/
      • Used by mapplet, gadget, iframe and facebook code
    • /kml/ stores Freegle.kml
    • Admin page to rebuild the Freegle KML
      • Rebuilt overnight
      • KML file stored in www /kml/ and maps /kml/
    • Used for hosting badges: either general purpose badges or for specific events

Web site directories

  • live and dev
  • backup using svn



  • ilovefreegle+perch
  • ilovefreegle+shortlinks
  • wiki
  • LimeSurvey

Groups database

  • used by mm and maps
  • updated overnight by scraping groups


  • Check weekly for any dodgy entries (CC)
  • What was the decision on whether to approve new members to give them editing rights? 


Procedure for adding external links to website - Partnerships and Website Links Procedure

Non-Web site


  • Google App
  • website server


  • Google Docs


  • icons+apple touch icons
  • Badges

Group stats

Firefox Freegle Persona


Group home page


ModTools helps you moderate Freegle or other reuse groups hosted on Yahoo! Groups. It can also be used to moderate other Yahoo Groups. It's the replacement for the Firefox Moderation Plugin (modplugin).

It gives you an interface aimed at moderators - easily see all your messages in one place, and do what you need to do with a single click.

Here is a link to Modtools Wiki:

Access keys

These are used by the modplugin. Find out more here. Spammers

There's a group where you can report spammers - it's This helps keep the mails about them off the main groups like Central.

If you use the modplugin, it can scan your group automatically for spammers - see here.



See Facebook Republisher and Facebook Freegle Application.

Tech Working Group Remit