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This remit was approved by the Board at their meeting of 29th April 2015

Link to Group:

The Freegle Tech Working Group can be found at

Role Holders for the Group:

The current role holders and Board observer for Freegle Tech can be found on the Who's Who spreadsheet [[1]]

Responsibilities, Jobs and Task List:


Reports from the group can be found at the wiki category:Tech Group Reports

Remit of the Freegle Tech Working Group:

  • Freegle Tech is a forum for discussing and planning technical aspects of running Freegle, either existing technologies or new initiatives. Example technologies include the Freegle web site, Freegle Direct, Freegle app, social media and Yahoo groups.
  • Although questions are always welcome, regular technical support is offered by the Support Team (email or, for advanced technical queries, the Geeks (email, or for those new to any of the systems, the Mentors (email
  • Any technical efforts to maintain existing systems or develop new systems should primarily be organised here. However sub-groups may be set up for specific projects for those involved - and anyone else interested. Project teams may assign roles to individuals. These teams should report back to Tech Group on progress.
  • We will aim to document our systems on the wiki.
  • Freegle Tech will act on requests from the Board, Freegle Central and other Working Groups. It will also take the lead when appropriate in suggesting new possibilities.
  • Any significant proposals will be referred to the Board and Freegle Central for approval, as appropriate.
  • We welcome all Freegle volunteers as members, even if not taking part regularly. We may work with people outside Freegle, after checking with the Board, within the group and elsewhere.
  • We will report back to Freegle Central at appropriate intervals, eg every 3 months at a minimum.