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This is a sample message you could use to send to a suspected spammer on your Community:

Dear *********

 I am sorry to be writing, but need to tell you that your membership of our Freegle Community has been suspended. This is the second time you have sent spam messages to the Community.

Now, to be fair, we don't think it's deliberate, and you've been suspended not as a punishment, but to protect the Community.

 It's almost certain that your computer has been infected with some
 sort of malware. It's probably sending these messages out to all your
 address book in chunks and at intervals. You may have received other complaints from friends?

 What you need to do now is scan your machine, not just for viruses,
 but also for trojans, worms, and the various other nasties that can
 cause mayhem. There are some very good programs out there which can
 do this, some even free for home use. There are also a number of
 websites which offer a free scan of your machine, but if you search
 for these, be careful, as a few are a cover for software which will
 actually infect your machine! Best to go for those referred from a
 computing magazine, website or similar trustworthy source.

 Once your machine has been thoroughly disinfected, before you do
 anything else, CHANGE *ALL* YOUR PASSWORDS, especially anything
 related to finance!

 When you've changed your password, please let us know and
 we'll reinstate your membership.

 A word of caution. If you ignore this message, and we continue to
 receive spam emails, eventually we will unsubscribe you. We won't, and don't, do this lightly, but
 it has happened in the past when the level of spam has become
 intolerable, as it will eventually do if you do nothing.

If you need any help, please do ask. We hope your computer is sorted out soon.

Best wishes

xxxxxFreegle moderating team

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