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Happy New Year!!
This is a summary of discussions since our last report of 30th November 2010, covering messages 6268 to 6930. Our membership stands at 72 (an increase of 4 since last month!).

The topics we have discussed this month are below.

Adjudication Panel

Task 51, Priority 3

Several generalised discussions were had about the difficulties being experienced by the Adjudication Panel because the procedure isn't proving as easy to follow as hoped. It is agreed that the process will be reviewed as soon as this Panel has finished its deliberations. There is some ongoing disquiet about the time taken to get the information together to reach a decision and although the Ombudsman has posted some updates, due to the confidential nature of the process these have necessarily been discreet.

Annual Election for Reps

Although not the remit of this group, discussions were undertaken about the forthcoming elections and the announcement organised to get nominations. The issue over timing is complicated by the pending Panel decision, but it was agreed to follow a slightly delayed timetable from one previously agreed.

Subsequent discussions were then had about people possibly resigning soon after being elected and whether it is sensible to have another set of elections, or offer to appoint the 'next' candidate. The feeling at present is that if a vacancy for any elected post (Rep, Ombudsman, Returning Officer) occurs within 3 months of election, the role should be offered to the next highest voted candidate. The group will propose something on these lines to Central for discussion soon.

The Reps on the group are putting forward the pros and cons of being a Rep, based on their experiences over the past year. We would encourage any prospective Reps to join the group and read this thread!


The Reps on the group had a discussion about teamwork - what works and what doesn't.

Approval of Documents

We have put forward two documents so far about polling and elections but still haven't got agreement on what documents need polling where (Central, Working Group or whole membership of Freegle). The latest suggestion was that an item that affects how Freegle is perceived from outside Freegle or the running of local group needs a full vote, but other (internal) items can be proposed by a Working Group and posted to Central to say that it will be taken as passed, and not put to a whole member vote unless 10% Central members vote that it should. Other, day to day items, can be decided by the Reps. Any thoughts from anyone on this - especially how to express this simply but clearly - would be welcome!

Central Mods Team Remit and Role

Task 50, priority 2

A draft document has been discussed by the Central mods, but has been pended for finalising until new moderators are recruited, which is under way at present.

Governing Document

Task 16, Priority 1

The final drafted document was sent to Central for comment and review. It will then be put to full membership poll.

Poll of Documents

The poll proposing the following documents and one question was organised:

Financial Management and Controls (Task 5) Freegle Reps role and remit (Task 39 and 46) Election and Poll Procedures (Task 32 and 37) Freegle Working Groups role and remit (Task 38 and 45) Status of national volunteers (Task 9)

The poll is being run from 17th December to 31st December 2010, results to be posted 6th January.


Task 52, Priority 3

Discussion commenced on considering whether there is a need to safeguard Freegle's assets (domain names etc) and how to do that easily, cheaply and effectively.

What Freegle Costs

Task 49 and 49a, Priority 3 - completed

A spreadsheet was devised detailing how much it costs to run Freegle at the moment and what ongoing costs have been and will be incurred. An appeal for donations to cover the costs incurred by individuals and contributions towards known future costs was posted on Central. Once we have an agreed financial document in place we can move towards setting up a bank account and some central funding mechanisms.

Legal Action Threats

Some general discussion was had about the position of Freegle as an organisation regarding any threats of legal action. A current situation on Central has been dealt with directly by the Reps, other threats that might be received via the Freegle Mailbox are also currently sent directly to the Reps to deal with.

Task List Our Task List can be viewed at


If any of the above topics interest you, or if you have proposals about the structure of Freegle to suggest, please do join our group.

The spokespeople for this group are Jacky (Great Yarmouth) and Edward (Rep, Edinburgh). Owners are Wendy (Woodley) and Jacky.

This report was posted on Central as a special notice 31st December 2010

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