Structure Group Report 2010-11-30

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This is a summary of discussions since our last report of 30th October 2010, covering messages 5835 to 6268. Our membership stands at 68, continuing the pattern of two less each month!

The topics we have discussed this month are below.

Charity Status Implications

Task 18, Priority 2

Discussions commenced on whether it was desirable for Freegle to consider registering as a charity at some point and what the implications of this might be. Views were expressed that - we do/don't have the expertise on the group to assess this - we could consider becoming a CIC as well as some other structure - local groups are not accountable to the central Freegle organisation for their own fund-raising - a clear strategy would be useful at this point to inform discussions on a structure for Freegle, which might be easier to discuss at a face-to-face 'summit'

GAT Role and Remit

Task 17, now complete

This task was revived to finish off a pending draft document. The document was sent to Start on 5th November so they can take it forward to Central, proofreading and poll.

Working Groups Document

Task 28, priority 2

The draft document was finalised and sent to proofreaders then Central, for comment on 13th November 2010.

Central Mods Team Remit and Role

Task 50, priority 2

A draft document is being discussed by the Central mods, and Structure is providing a sounding board and feedback.

What Freegle Costs

Task 49 and 49a, priority 3

A spreadsheet has been started to assess how much it costs to run Freegle at the moment and what ongoing costs might have been and will be incurred. When this information is fully compiled, the discussion will continue on how we can raise money to pay for future costs and, if we had more money, what would we spend it on.

Governing Document

Task 16, priority 1

After some lively discussion it was agreed that production of a governing document should be a two-step approach. Firstly establish an internal document which outlines how Freegle works at present, then go on to develop that into a more formal document once decisions are made about the type of legal structure Freegle might wish to adopt, other than an unincorporated association.

The draft document was finalised and put to internal poll. The majority vote was that the document was ready to be sent to Central for comment and review, then onto Volunteer poll.

Owner Address Reliability and Membership of Central Groups

Task 19 Priority 2

Following on from a proposal that the Reps process the draft document 'Election and Poll Procedures' an animated discussion ensued about whether volunteers should have to join Central before being able to join a Working Group or Team. This developed into discussing the status of specialists and experts who might wish to offer their help to Freegle. Some polls were drawn up but abandoned, another group poll is running currently. (Tech Group are doing some work at the moment to make the bulk mailing more reliable.)

Disseminating Information to Volunteers

Task 8, now complete

This task has been agreed as redundant due to the development of the wiki alongside other proposals for Working Group procedures.

Arbitration Panel

The timeline for a decision from the Arbitration Panel was discussed, as well as the quorum needed for a panel decision. The members of the group were also asked by the Ombudsman about an hypothetical situation, if a decision by the panel would stand if one of the panel members went awol.

Task List

Our Task List can be viewed at


If any of the above topics interest you, or if you have proposals about the structure of Freegle to suggest, please do join our group.

The spokespeople for this group are Jacky (Great Yarmouth) and Edward (Rep, Edinburgh). Owners are Wendy (Woodley) and Jacky.

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