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This is a summary of discussions since our last report of 30th August 2010, covering messages 5267 to 5647. Our membership stands at 72, three less than last month.

For a while now we have been working on a number of documents to set out the most important structures and policies within Freegle. We are nearing completion on a lot of these, but could still use some more help - particularly from people prepared to lead on tasks. This involves publishing drafts, soliciting and collecting comments, and shepherding the document through until it's ready to send to Central. Please think about whether you could help here.

The topics we have discussed this month are below (in no particular order):

Governing Document

Task 16, priority 1

Discussions have stalled on this due to lack of a Task Leader.

2010 Election Proposal

Task 38, complete

A proposal for the next Reps Election was drafted and sent to Central for discussion. It was taken as agreed and adopted. It can be accessed via a link from this wiki at

GAT Remit

Task 17 priority 2

The remit on the Wiki is the current agreed document. Amendments and extensions to this document have been redrafted but have halted due to layout issues and lack of Task Leader.

Financial Management and Controls Policy

Task 5 priority 3

This document is ready for polling but is awaiting the availability of a mass mailing device and one or two other documents to be completed so they can be polled together.

Mediation Service and Appeals Panel Documents

Task 42 and 43 priority 2

These were submitted to Central, then announced as adopted and put on the Wiki. All remits, policies and procedures have been categorised together to make finding them easier.

Panel Pool Members

Task 48, priority 97

The group clarified the set up of the Adjudication Panel with our two Ombudsmen. A process for getting panel and mediation pool members was proposed along with the need to keep pool members anonymous. This has been pended until the present arbitration process is complete.

Reps Working Practices

Task 46 Priority 1 and

Reps Remit

Task 39 priority 2

The Working Practices draft document has been extended to include the Remit, and renamed 'Freegle Reps'. It will be posted on Central very soon for comment.

Working Groups Document

Task 28 priority 2

Discussion continued on this proposed document. The suggestion to set groups to receive incoming messages from non-group members was dropped, other parts of the document have been revised to make it less prescriptive. It will be posted on Central very soon for comment.

Poll and Election Procedures

Task 37 priority 2

This was drafted and is now with Central for discussion on 23.9.10.

Aims and Ethos of Freegle

Task 33 priority 3

A statement on the aims and ethos of Freegle was submitted to Central 24.9.10, message no.16328. We would appreciate some comments on this from Central members please!

National Volunteers

Task 9 priority 4

We discussed how to encompass volunteers working nationally who are not group owners, moderators or volunteers in a local group. A question has been devised which will be sent to all Volunteers in the next poll, asking whether Freegle should have Volunteers who are not volunteers on local groups.

Mass Mailing Review

Task 44 priority 4

The proofreading team has been established and they have established some guidelines - . A remit for the team and protocols of what must be, as opposed to can be, proof read remains outstanding.

Document Management

Task 47 priority 4

A suggestion was made that there should be a Document Manager appointed to oversee all Freegle documents. Discussion has moved to Central.

Task List

Our Task List can be viewed at

If any of the above topics interest you, please do join our group.

The spokespeople for this group are Jacky (Great Yarmouth) and Edward (Rep, Edinburgh). Owners are Wendy (Woodley) and Jacky.

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