Structure Group Report 2010-08-30

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This is a summary of discussions since our last report of 25th July 2010, covering messages 4607 to 5266.

We have increased our membership to 75 this month, although it is probably fair to say we typically have had fewer people actually taking part in discussions. However, this is probably due to holidays and just nicer things to do elsewhere! The topics we have discussed this month are below (in no particular order):


Ecomodo have offered to link to Freegle and provide a route for donations. After discussion, it was concluded we couldn't move forward with this until we had a mechanism for handling donations, which is not in place as yet.

Governing Document Task 16 priority 1

A new draft was posted to replace the previous one, which included suggestions for changing previously polled agreed wording. Discussions will be resumed at some point on this.

Reps Remit Task 39 priority 2

A draft has been prepared and is nearly ready for presentation to Central for discussion, pending agreement about who should handle complaints and a separate discussion about the layout and terminology of documents.


A discussion was had on the word 'Ombudsman' following some misunderstanding about the role. It was agreed to keep the name as the process for appointing to this role was already underway. We also discussed the wording for the poll.

Mass Mailing Review Task 44 priority 4

Discussion of this related to the wish to ensure that documents and messages sent out by the mass mailing system were checked and proof read before mailing. The suggestion of a proof reading team was taken up and a team/group established. A remit for the team and protocols of what must be, as opposed to can be, proof read remains outstanding.

Reps Working Practices Task 46 priority 1

The Reps produced their draft document for comment by the group. We are now discussing the final point, which is whether any future document amendments would be subject to voting to implement them, or whether a declaration of changes on Central would be sufficient.

Financial Management and Controls Policy Task 5 priority 3

The final draft has been sent to Central for comments, to be followed by a vote.

Mediation Service and Appeals Panel Documents Tasks 42 & 43 priority 2

These have been submitted to Central, and are awaiting final poll.

Links, Documents, Wiki

Several threads of discussion are ongoing about how to make sure everyone has easy access to the information being produced, the layout of documents and the terminology that should be used.

Combining Elections Task 38 priority 2

A proposal for combining the next round of elections with resignations etc of Reps so that we only have one round of elections was discussed. A poll has just finished on the group asking if combining these would be acceptable in line with a drafted document proposed by the Reps. The proposal will be posted on Central imminently.


A proposal was made to define what is meant by a Freegle Team.

Poll Procedure Task 32

A suggestion was made that we need to devise a poll procedure.

GAT Remit Task 17 priority 2

The previous draft was brought forward to be reconsidered and is now being redrafted.

Aims and Ethos of Freegle Task 33 priority 3

A statement on the aims and ethos of Freegle is being discussed, having been pending for a while. Considerations include whether Freegle can decide on the ethos of individual groups or just the central organisation, and how to keep the statement down to as few words as possible, whilst still reflecting what we are and aim to do.

National Volunteers Task 9 priority 4

The question of how to encompass volunteers working nationally who are not groups owners, moderators or volunteers in a local group has been raised. Issues relate to whether they should be able to vote, join central groups and monitoring their 'membership'.

Task List

Our Task List can be viewed at

Added new task: 'Liability Issues' (Task 40 priority 20). A new sheet was added to the Task List giving information about documents we know will need to be the subject of a poll. We are keen not to overload people with too many polls, so feel that an overview of what is coming up is useful so we can combine multiple questions.

Group members were asked to review the task list, with particular reference to the priorities, poll list and usage statement. This led to a question about the status of a proposal Structure submitted to the Reps about 'management' of working groups.

Working Groups Job Description Document Task 28 priority 2

Following on from the above topic, the Reps have proposed a draft document on how Working Groups should operate. Discussion is commencing on this.

Document Management Task 47 priority 4

A suggestion was made that there should be a Document Manager appointed to oversee all Freegle documents. Discussion has moved to Central. .......................

If any of the above topics interest you, please do join our group.

The spokespeople for this group are Jacky (Great Yarmouth) and Edward (Rep, Edinburgh). Owners are Wendy (Woodley) and Jacky.

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