Structure Group Report 2009-10-21

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Structure Group Report to Central 21st October 2009

The group currently has 41 members, and is open to any member of Freegle UK Central who would like to join in: The spokespeople for this group are Edward (Edinburgh), Neil (Northampton N&C) and Jacky (Great Yarmouth).

This is a summary of discussions since our last report of 14th October, from message 487 up to and including message 599.

Local Area Modsquads

The results of the questionnaire are still being compiled, but will be distributed to the various groups in the very near future.

Copyright and Licensing

Discussions are still ongoing on how to secure a flexible, workable solution, but to retain security for Freegle.

Organisational Structure

The poll on basic criteria for Freegle as an organisation is still open - closes 10pm, Sunday 25th October. We need as many moderators as possible to complete the poll - please visit

The length of time given for this poll has slowed ongoing discussions both here and on other working groups. A balance needs to be sought in future between ensuring moderators have the opportunity to vote and allowing work to continue at a reasonable pace.

Issues being discussed generally are the balance between member involvement and a leadership group making decisions on behalf of the membership of Freegle (if that is a model that is agreed in the poll); how to achieve flexibility of roles if a committee is required; the desirability or not of charity status; the options for items such as PLI which would need financing. A second poll will be following the results of the current one, which will address more complex issues.

Working Group Reports

The reports from working groups haven't been sent out as special notices to moderators who are not following every message on Central. Would anyone have any objection to this?

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