Structure Group Report 2009-10-14

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Structure Group Report sent to Central 14th October 2009

The Structure Working Group currently has 38 members, and is open to any member of Freegle UK Central who would like to join in:

The spokespeople for this group are Edward (Edinburgh), Neil (Northampton N&C) and Jacky (Great Yarmouth).

This is a summary of discussions since our last report of 7th October, up to and including message 486.

Local Area Modsquads

The results of the questionnaire are still being compiled, but will be distributed to the various groups in the very near future.

Copyright and Licensing

Ongoing discussion about the need or desirability for rights and freedoms that could be provided under Copyright law for the works we use for Freegle. When some agreements are made within the group about feasible options, a poll or draft policy will be proposed to Central, in consultation with other working groups.

Organisational Structure

Following discussions detailed in our last report, the group instigated the first of a few planned polls to start to get some idea of what moderators want from Freegle. We need as many moderators as possible to complete the poll - please visit It runs until 10pm, Sunday 25th October.

A second poll will be proposed soon, following on from and asking further questions about the type of organisation we want Freegle to be. From the results of the polls the group hopes to be in a position soon after to propose an organisational structure for moderator consideration.

Working Group Reports

It was suggested on Central that the reports from Working Groups should be sent out from Central as a Special Notice. It would be useful to know the feelings of all moderators on Freegle on whether that would be acceptable, so whatever next poll is put forward, a question along those lines could be added as an addendum.

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