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The best option to make Freegling accessible and attractive to new people is to have open membership.

Pros of open membership:

  • Members can get posting immediately
    • they may be joining to get rid of stuff in a hurry
    • the internet is an instant thing so demonstrating how to be an active Freegler from the first few clicks to the site is essential.
  • Saves moderators time.
  • Gives moderators more time to spend promoting the group and engaging with members in a positive way.
  • More potential members will join because the joining process is much easier.
  • Members don't have to reply to a joining email, which means they won't be lost somewhere in the joining process.
  • Applicants won't be discouraged by what they see as intrusive questions.
  • Moderators don't have to send out reminders.

Cons of closed membership:

  • It is an unnecessary barrier for people who wish to freegle.
  • It makes more work for the moderators.
  • Members often don't reply to a joining email, so groups are losing potential members.
  • The more complex the joining process is, the more potential members will be put off joining.
  • People might not like or be suspicious of being asked questions.
  • Spammers might join anyway, so moderators could be just wasting their precious time.

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