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These are sample messages you could send to an individual members:

Dear Freegle member

I'm sorry that a Freegler failed to keep an appointment to collect your item. Would you like us to follow it up?

We can investigate if you like, and could then issue a warning. We can ban members who do this often and without good reason, so it is worth reporting.

Unfortunately there is little else we can do about people who express an interest but do not follow through. A certain amount of time wasting is inevitable it seems.

Many thanks $myname $groupname

Hello there,

Would you care to pass on the details of the person who failed to collect from you?

The moderators are powerless to stop this if we are unaware that it has happened.

We would require emails to and from you/the person who did not collect as arranged in order to contact them.

Thank you.

$myname Freegle Group Moderator $owneremail

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