National Volunteers Procedure

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This procedure is used to accept National Volunteers. It was adopted by the Board at their meeting of 25th February 2015.

  • a. National volunteers have to be nominated by an existing Volunteer.
  • b. Nominations are submitted to the Board who will approve or not approve the nomination at their discretion.
  • c. If a nomination is turned down, the Volunteer nominating can appeal via the Complaints Procedure if they wish.
  • d. If a nomination is accepted, the Board will inform the nominated and nominating Volunteer and encourage the option of joining Central in order that they can keep informed about the wider activities of Freegle and to guarantee access to the voting process.
  • e. If the Volunteer approved under this procedure seems to be dormant, Board can remove them, at their discretion, open to appeal from that Volunteer under our usual procedure.
  • f. The National Volunteer can apply to be a Member of Freegle Limited via the usual procedures.