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There is a feedback system on FD where members can leave a rating for other members.

When a transaction is completed (item taken, received or withdrawn), the members can rate each other. It is via a 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' selection in the chat section of the site. All ratings are anonymous.

Each member can rate another member once. This is to avoid getting a good “reputation” by creating two accounts and giving multiple thumbs up between them. If a member can only do it once per pair of members, then we don’t have that issue - you’d have to create many accounts, which is more hassle.

It also avoids the situation where someone is annoyed and sits there clicking the thumbs down button for the next hour.

If a member clicks the wrong 'thumb' by mistake, they can correct that by clicking the button again, which will cancel the rating.

If the transaction has been a simple 'yes please, can I have it' type message and no chat has been generated by the other person, the rating can be done but will not be shown to others. If there has been a two-way chat generated then the rating will be shown. This is to stop people giving a bad rating simply because they didn't get an item.

In February 2022 a further step was introduced for members giving a 'thumbs down'. A reason is now required about why that negative rating has been given. This can't be seen by other members, but volunteers can view.

The ratings last around six months, so they fade away over time. On average across the whole system people give 89% thumbs up and 11% thumbs down.

A thumbs-down does not block further interaction with the member. There is a separate Block button which does this.

Trashnothing has a thumbs up equivalent, but not a thumbs down.

There is also a separate system-generated feedback facility, where members can see statistics of usage of other members. See Feedback for an explanation of how this works and what information it gives.

Members can see their own ratings and stats in the settings under 'View Your Profile'.