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When a member clicks 'info' under a request for an item, it shows them

  • how often an item was collected
  • how many times they were offered
  • things don't always work out for this member

This gives a bit more information so that people can choose someone who is known to collect.


Feedback given by members is listed here for review. Feedback with comments is the default for this section of ModTools, but volunteers can also see Happy, Unhappy and Fine feedback as well. Once the Feedback has been read, the blue number notification on ModTools>Feedback will disappear.

This facility gives volunteers an opportunity to ask members why a particular transaction or process was not satisfactory, if that seems appropriate, or answer any questions that arise.

This feedback is not visible to anyone other than volunteers.

Trash Nothing

The feedback information you see on other members has two parts - a feedback score and a positive feedback percentage. If you've used eBay before, then you'll probably be familiar with how these work.

The feedback score is the count of all positive feedback a member has received minus the count of all negative feedback a member has received. A positive score means that a member has received more positive feedback than negative feedback. And a negative feedback score means that a member has received more negative feedback. So higher scores are better.

The positive feedback percentage shows what percent of the feedback a member has received in the last year was positive. This gives a better understanding of the data that makes up the feedback score and provides a good summary of the more recent feedback a member has received. If a member hasn't received any feedback in the last year, then no positive feedback percentage will be shown.

The feedback system was only launched in 2020 so there are many members (both long time and new members) who might not have any feedback shown.