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Local funding opportunities might be available for your group. As Freegle groups are autonomous, there are no restrictions from Freegle, as a central organisation, on groups applying for funds to help with local publicity etc as long as applications clearly show that it is a local group application only. Please do let the Board know, however, of your intention to apply for funding in case there is a conflict of interests with other groups or nationally.

Sharing ideas and support

Freegle Funding Group is a national group that all Freegle group moderators and owners are welcome to join [1]. It supports groups, working together to provide information and ideas for funding.

Constitution and bank account?

In order for your group to access funds, you might find that the funding body you approach expects you to have a constitution and bank account in the name of the group. An example of group constitutions can be found at Group Constitution, which you can choose to use as a guide or template for your group.

A good leaflet, aimed at small charities, might be worth reading about bank accounts and the responsibility of Treasurers - [2]

Non profit

It is important to remember that all Freegle groups have to be non-profit, so have a look at some best practice guidelines to ensure you comply with that ethos.

Information for funders

Funding Application Help gives an overview of the type of information you need to think about and provide for applications, along with Local Business Plan, an example of how you might present information about your group.

Local funders

Some links to local organisations that help voluntary groups find and apply for funding can be found at Local Funding Opportunities.

Freegle or group

Please remember that local groups should not apply for or indicate that they are applying for funds for Freegle as an organisation. Unless, of course, this has been agreed with the Board. The local aspect of applications is usually also a positive aspect for local funders.

Let others know

If groups are fortunate to obtain funding for local use, or even if they have applied and been unsuccessful, it would be very much appreciated if a message can be posted to the Local Funding Group and Freegle Central with brief details. This will provide information and encouragement for other groups as well as keeping a record of the different types of funding being requested and/or obtained for the Freegle network of groups.

A brilliant example of local fundraising and publicity is Publicity in Penrith and Eden District


At present Waitrose is running a scheme through which local groups have been been able to apply for funds.

Fundraising Ideas might inspire you with ways to obtain support.

Crowdfunding gives an outline of how to go about an online crowdfunding campaign.

Freegle Limericks and Poems might give inspiration for alternative wording!

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