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Invitation to become a member of Freegle Ltd

Dear Freegle Volunteer

As you may know, Freegle has established itself as a Registered Society. This was made possible by the generous assistance of Co-operatives UK. It means that we have been able to formally retain our grassroots identity and democracy in decision making.

The way this works legally is that you pay a nominal fee to be a Member of Freegle. Members each receive a share certificate and have a vote that can used in General Meetings and the AGM, as well as for the election of the Directors who oversee the running of Freegle.

Who is eligible to be a Member of Freegle Ltd?

Anyone who:

  • Is over 16
  • Supports our Objects [1] and is a Freegle group owner, group moderator or other volunteer.
  • Has paid a one-off payment of £1 for a share in Freegle Ltd. This is the nominal amount to be paid by each Member. (If this is a barrier to you, please let know as there is help available.)

How do I become a Member?

  • Complete the Membership application form at [2]
  • Paying £1:
    • The easiest and most reliable payment with no excess fees is by bank transfer.
    • Bank transfers should be made to Freegle Limited, Unity Trust Bank, Account No. 20339094, Sort Code 60 83 01.
    • Please email if you wish to discuss other payment options.
  • Your share certificate will be emailed to you and you will be recorded on the Register of Members.

I’d like to know more about Membership and how Freegle works

We have a very comprehensive Wiki here (

You may find the links below particularly useful:

The place where General Meetings and Annual General Meetings will be held: [3]

I have another question

Please email for membership queries or for other queries.

Freegle Limited

Freegle Limited is Registered in England as a Registered Society (formerly an Industrial and Provident Society for the Benefit of the Community).
Registration no: 32410R