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We use the terms 'Freegle Volunteer', 'National Volunteer' and ‘Freegle Member’ regularly in our procedures. This is an attempt to briefly define those terms.

Freegle Volunteers:

Every Owner, Moderator and volunteer of local communities affiliated with Freegle shall be regarded as a member of the Freegle family. Other persons assisting Freegle, though not managing a local community, may also be accepted to join the FreegleUK Central group. All are known as Volunteers or Freegle Volunteers.

Verification that a person working with a local community is eligible as a Volunteer to join central discussion groups will be via an email to the -owner address of the local community.

National Volunteers:

The procedure for admitting volunteers who have kindly offered to help Freegle nationally to FreegleUK Central is explained in National Volunteers Procedure. Once a member of Central, National Volunteers are Freegle Volunteers.

Freegle Members:

All Freegle Volunteers (aged over 16) are eligible to apply to be a Freegle Member and we hope that as many Volunteers choose to do this as possible so that we can maintain our proud tradition of being a truly democratic organisation.

See Freegle Ltd Membership and Rules 12-20 for definitions of Members and the requirements of admittance and termination of membership.