Group Affiliation Changes Procedures

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When a group is affiliated to Freegle there are agreed conditions for that affiliation, including name of the group, area covered etc. If subsequently the group wishes to change any of the agreed conditions, this procedure is used to guide that process.

Examples of types of affiliation changes include a change of name, change of core area, merger with another group, disaffiliation.

  • Any changes in the conditions agreed at time of affiliation should only be enacted with the agreement or proposal of NGT.
  • NGT will always assume that the whole group moderator team agree when approached for changes.
  • All communication regarding the change should be sent by NGT to the owner address of the group concerned.
  • If someone replies in response to emails sent to the owner address disagreeing with the change, NGT will ask the local group to sort it out between themselves with advice of possible alternatives that could be considered.
  • If there is no decision made by the group, NGT will email again in 14 days and follow the appropriate procedures or guidelines relevant to the change.
  • Where no agreement can be reached amongst group volunteers, NGT will make a proposal and then verify it with the Board.

This procedure is aimed to cover any possible change scenarios, but if there are situations arising that are not covered by this or any other procedure or guideline in place, NGT should recommend a course of action to the Board based on their knowledge and experience. The Board will then make a decision on what course of action, if any, should be taken.


This procedure was discussed on Development Group and recommended to the Board for approval in November 2015.