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Freegle Development report

June 2016

Group members 58

Freegle Development is a group where new policies are discussed and voted on and any changes of existing policy are discussed.

In June we discussed the following:

Task 40 Best practice review – help After adding links for the cafe group and also for the funding group this task has now been completed.

Task 40: Best practice review – preface

An attempt to put into words the unspoken agreement we have as moderators. It was felt that we needed to create a moderators remit, so it is clear what Freegle will do for mods and what is expected from mods in return. There may still be a few adjustments before the final document is polled on. Freegle Volunteer Agreement Thanks for agreeing to volunteer for Freegle, for your local group or nationally. Here's how we'll help you and what you can do for us.

Freegle nationally is committed to: · Providing the IT infrastructure to list and host local groups · Providing support for all aspects of running a group by email, in national groups and the wiki · Representing Freegle nationally and promoting Freegling to national bodies and agencies · Running national social media and other publicity, and encouraging local Freegling by provision of technical and promotional facilities · Providing policies, guidance and insurance to help ensure the safe running of groups · Supporting all volunteers regardless of age, background or social profile · Encouraging mutual participation and decision making amongst all volunteers through accessible organisational structures, proactive communication and openness in governance

Local volunteers agree to run their group by: · Implementing Freegle rules and best practice · Having current computer and internet access, understanding and skills · Moderating their group messages and memberships at least daily, with moderating coverage 7 days a week · Helping members with problems and information in a consistently positive way · Keeping in touch and communicating with Freegle nationally

and it would also be great if local teams: · Know the area that is served by their Freegle group and have an interest in local and national environmental causes. · Publicise their group to build membership, eg do social media, press releases, run stalls, run events. · Work with local councils or other relevant local bodies, businesses, charities etc to increase freegling in the community. Keep in touch with neighbouring volunteer team

Task 51 New Platform will it need T&Cs

Chris said that Apple insist on T&Cs before allowing the app, so for the app at least, there will be Terms and Conditions, however Edward doesn’t want to implement them on FD because it is another step in the process of signing up and we already have a perfectly good disclaimer. Chris has taken on the task of writing up some new Terms and conditions for the app.

Task 40 Best Practice review – 3:12 Socialising

A couple of minor changes were made to note how nice we all are and to point out that it is good to meet up and get to know fellow mods. The task has been marked as complete and the new document can be found here

If you have any suggestions or ideas for this discussion or any others, please join us on development. The more people’s ideas that can be included in discussions, the better it is for Freegle.

Development Team