Emergency Response and Urgent Appeals - National Response

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The contact email address for emergencies and appeals is support@ilovefreegle.org

If an organisation contacts any of the national mailboxes, they should be forwarded as soon as possible to support@ilovefreegle.org.

Actions to be taken by support@ilovefreegle.org:

  1. Acknowledge as soon as possible the contact email.
  2. Establish what the organisation/individual wants from Freegle and where.
  3. Clarify what Freegle is and what we can realistically do - issue information, advertise items wanted, what is not wanted, where to send cash donations, if volunteers are needed and what skills are required (if any) - and what we can't do, which is guarantee a response!)
  4. Let board@, media@ and geeks@ know of the contact so they are aware of the situation and to ask their advice if required.
  5. Contact local communities if this is the assessed next best course of action.
  6. Inform Central of any national response and provide the link to Emergency Response and Urgent Appeals - Group Response.

link: Emergency Response and Urgent Appeals