Emergency Response and Urgent Appeals - Group Response

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From time to time there will be disasters or emergencies where people are in need of help with goods and information. Local communities may wish to get involved, especially if it is in or near to the community they serve.

We have discussed a national strategy on this, (see Emergency Response and Urgent Appeals), which sets out what Freegle's position is on this. From previous experience, we would recommend local communities to bear in mind the following:

  • Make sure that any messages you send will positively contribute and not add to the work of other organisations on the ground.
  • Don't get personally involved unless you know the people or neighbourhood affected.
  • Be careful that you deal with known people and organisations and not with well meaning, but unaccountable, individuals.
  • For major disasters or emergencies, Central will be kept informed of any national Freegle responses or messages.
  • Please let Central or support@ilovefreegle.org know if you and your community are involved or responding to an emergency.
  • Check your Freegle Direct newsfeed and social media for any comments from your members - maintain calm, don't speculate and only give out information you know is accurate.
  • Ask for help from support@ilovefreegle.org if you are uncertain what to do.
  • If you are personally involved in an emergency or disaster, please ask for help from mentors@ilovefreegle.org, who will be able to help moderate your community if you are absent or overwhelmed, or offer any other type of support that you may need.