Development Group Report 2017 06

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Development Group Report : June 2017

78 Members

Task 54 - Definition of Terminology

We have added definitions of the terms ‘autonomy’, ‘owner’ and ‘non-profit’ to add to the glossary of terms on the wiki

Task 70 - Support for ‘multiple group clusters’

Mentors raised this for ideas to support individuals and teams who look after more than one or two groups. This is an ongoing discussion, but making central support ‘more approachable’ seems to be an issue as much as isolation of some volunteers. A new section (‘Us’) has been added to the Who’s Who on - please can anyone working nationally add their details.

Task 71 - Urgent appeals

Following the Kensington fire, Edward asked if there was a way we could use our network to share information quickly in a crisis. A small group has formed to discuss this and come back with suggestions on how best to proceed.

Task 57 - Funding Freegle

This was added to our task list after the 2015 AGM. The Board has agreed it can be removed as we have a Funding Group and FD is now being used to generate some funding.

All volunteers are very welcome to join Development Group - - and participate in discussions and decisions.

Development Coordinator