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Freegle Development report
Dec 2015

Group members 48

Freegle Development is a group where new policies are discussed and voted on and any changes of existing policy are discussed.

December was again a busy month with lots of discussion taking place.

Task 39: Handover of Caretaker Groups

A continuation from the end of November. A new guideline for Caretakers handing over caretaker groups to neighbouring mod teams was discussed in much detail and drafted up for Development to poll on. The poll agreed that the proposal should go ahead and now mentors have a procedure to follow when handing over groups - Caretaker Groups.

This task is now complete.

Task 40: Review Best Practice

Next on the task list was tidying up and reviewing our Best Practice guidelines. It was decided to break it down into sections to make each part easier to deal with.

Each section is being reworded and made friendlier and easier to understand and in some cases, shorter (although we have covered all of the angles). There has been a poll at the end of the discussion on each section, to agree the amended wording.

It was agreed it would probably be easier for people if rather than one huge page on best practice to read, we have a shortened version, highlighting each point and add links to the reasons why each point is good practice.

So far amendments have been made on:

  • Emergency arrangements – to ensure groups have adequate cover if anything happens to the current moderators.
  • First impressions – how home pages look and the first impression members will get of groups.
  • How many obstacles - How many clicks from joining to being able to make the first post
  • Members on moderation – How many members are kept on moderation and why it is considered better to get them off of moderation as soon as possible.

This is going to be a discussion that goes on into January as there is a lot to cover.

All of these sections have instigated lots of useful discussion with lots of different views. If you feel you could contribute to any of these discussions we would be pleased for any of you to join the Development team and help us to make a difference.