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Freegle UK Central: Summary of items of interest

October 2015 (609 posts)

New platform

This was the most significant item discussed during October and generated a lot of posts. The objective is to develop an independent platform for the operation of Freegle which would mean we were no longer dependent on Yahoo groups. Background to the discussion behind the need for a new platform can be found in the Freegle Board Minutes for 30 September – Freegle Board Minutes 30 September

Details of a Request for Expression of Interest to develop such a platform were sent out to all group owners with a closing date of 27 October http://freegle.in/EOI Microsoft vote – we won!

On 15 October we learnt that Freegle had won one of the five lots of $50,000 in the UK from Microsoft. This equates to approximately £32,000, £20,000 of which is to be used in the development of and support for the new platform. High-powered tech help for Freegle

Edward has been establishing contact with the model turned entrepreneur Lily Cole and her partner Kwame Ferreira who runs an international web company. He has offered free help to jazz up the website and to identify development opportunities which is fabulous news (see post number 55699 on Central https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FreegleUK-Central/conversations/messages/55699 ).

Streamlining freegling

There was some discussion about the problems arising when people do not respond to posts, or who respond once but do not follow up etc etc, leading to delays and frustration and lost transactions. It was thought that more might be possible with a new platform in terms of following up posts, reminders etc, but in the meantime something that everyone can do is remember to check their spam, and remind the members to as well.

Courier scam news

Offers made on various groups around the country during October, which turned out to be courier scams, included the following:

  • Tandem bike
  • Electric bike
  • Chainsaw
  • Woodburner stove
  • Piano
  • Large TV - various
  • Kitchen Aid mixer – various types!

(For any group owners or mods unfamiliar with these scams, what happens is that the offer is made, almost always by a member who has just joined the group, but when someone responds they are told the that person making the offer has moved but they can send the item by courier. The respondent is then asked to pay the money upfront but of course there is no item.)

Promotion of Freegle and Freegle groups

The Development Group has been discussing this and have added some material to the wiki about how groups can better promote themselves, specifically through recruiting volunteers with particular promotional roles.

At Publicity can be found all the wiki material about promotion and publicity.

One particular discussion in October concerned Freegle linking up with Give and Take Days (starting at post 56071).

Working group reports

There are currently three specialist working groups, which are open to all interested members.

Membership of Freegle UK Central:

Anyone who is a moderator of a Freegle group is entitled to jon Freegle UK Central. If you are not already a member and wish to join, send an email to freegleuk-central-subscribe@yahoogroups.com stating which group(s) you moderate on.

Liz S
November 2015