AGM 2020 Agenda

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1. Apologies for absence Quorum Poll

2. Minutes of the last AGM - AGM 2019 Minutes

3. Matters Arising

4. Board Annual Report 2020 Board Annual Report 2020

5. Finance and Auditors Report 2020 Finance Report 2020

6. AGM 2020 Resolutions

6.1 All groups should have removal of known spammers turned on, as well as spam filtering. (Proposed by a Member)

Groups who do not do this run the risk of bringing Freegle into disrepute and putting community members at risk, when people get scammed or get distasteful or upsetting mail.

7. Annual Director Resignations and Election 2020

8. Other notified business

8.1 From the Board: We have had a situation for a number of years where we have vacancies on the Board, and there are also areas where the Board would benefit from additional people with specific skills. After the AGM, we propose to post a Volunteer Opportunity to the Freegle membership to invite people to indicate their interest in becoming a Board member. The Freegle Rules allow the Board to co-opt two additional directors who are not Freegle members.

There would be no obligation to accept any application, but we probably have members with skills and enthusiasm which would be very valuable. The lesson of Freegle is that if you don't ask, you don't get.

Link: AGM 2020