AGM 2013 Recommendation for Auditor

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In accordance with the Constitution requirements, the Ombudsman and Returning Officer Team recommends to the AGM that Ray Owen is appointed as Auditor for Freegle.

The Auditor Role and Remit outlines the work of the Auditor.

From the message posted on Central 17th November 2013 [1], on behalf of the ORO Team:

The role of Auditor is on a year to year basis and Ray's first year of office has now come to an end. Ray has been contacted and asked if he would like to continue in the role for another year which he has graciously agreed to.

We therefore recommend the appointment of Ray Owen as Auditor for 2013-2014.

Poll Question: (poll held on Freegle UK Central)

POLL QUESTION: Do you agree that Ray should be appointed as auditor for Freegle?

- Yes, 33 votes, 94.29%
- Abstain, 1 votes, 2.86%
- No, 1 votes, 2.86%

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