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Website / Android app / iOS app


This is an independent site, run and owned by Andrew Trusty, operating worldwide. The site connects into Freegle and Freecycle groups, giving the members a simple way to use as many groups as they wish. Trash Nothing (TN) also provides the facility to set up and run groups on TN.

TN Members

People wanting to join a Freegle group via TN are connected to us from the TN site via a TN email address, eg.

A lot of new members join Freegle groups via TN, so they are a valuable resource. The TN site and apps are closely integrated with Freegle and TN works as alternate interface for Freegle groups. TN members are able to browse, reply to and submit offers and requests (and edit their offers and requests). TN members can also see and respond to chats on TN or by email. TN members can also view thumbs up/down information and member profiles on TN.

TN members can’t see events, volunteer opportunities or the chitchat section that is on Freegle.

TN members can control their profile information and account settings at:

Some members get confused between the two sites. How it works is:
Freegle members can reply to Freegle or TN posts from Freegle using their Freegle account.

TN members can reply to Freegle or TN posts from TN using their TN account.

If people use just one system, they’ll be fine. They don’t need two accounts.

If a Freegle member goes to TN and tries to reply using a Freegle account, it won’t work because TN doesn’t know about it and they’ll need to create an account on TN.

If a TN member goes to Freegle and tries to reply using a TN account, it won’t work because Freegle doesn’t know about it and they’ll need to create an account on Freegle.

So, members need to pick one system and stick to it to avoid confusion.

TN Member Moderation/Group Settings

There is a moderators page where you can specify things like what format TN subject lines are in and if/how crossposting is allowed.

Volunteers should get a reminder about the settings every six months and you can access the site from the reminder. If there are any problems just contact Andrew.

Example of six month reminder message: This is an automated reminder that it's been at least 6 months since the xxxx Freegle group settings have been updated on If the group rules, questionnaire or post format have changed in the last 90 days, please click the link below to update the settings:

The Group Settings page on is used to configure how the xxxx Freegle group works for members of the group who are using email accounts. The settings on this page are meant to work alongside the group's existing rules and guidelines.

If you have any questions about the Group Settings page, you can contact us at the link and/or you can reach the moderators page from here

NOTE: This email will probably show up first on the ModTools chat interface.
Once you click the link in that email, you will be able to view and update the group settings.

It is probably worth checking which other TN groups are in your area so you are aware of the groups your TN members might also be members of, in case of queries etc. You might also wish to become a TN member so you are aware what your members can see and how the site operates from a member’s point of view.

Once you access the moderator page it’s pretty much self explanatory but worth telling your team why they are getting weird TN messages in group chat etc.

TN has a help section for TN members at the link below. You can refer TN members to the help section below if they need help using the TN interface:


You can set the location format in Preferred Subject Line Location:
neighborhood name
town or city name
nearby cross streets
postal code
area and short post code
any of the above

The newest version of the TN site and apps gives members full control over the exact location where the map is centered every time that the member posts. If you notice a TN post with an incorrect map location in the future, you can simply ask the TN member to edit their post to correct the location that the map shows.

If you want to send more detailed editing instructions to a TN member, you can use the following:

To edit your post, follow the instructions at: And once you’re editing your post, click on the map to change where the map shows or use the “New Location” option that is part of the Location selection on the edit post page.

Posting to groups

A member can compose one message and then select multiple groups to send that to (Freecycle and/or Freegle). There is no need to compose a separate message for each group. If they don't select any groups it goes to nearby TN members only.