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All Freegle groups agree as part of their affiliation requirements that they will be non-profit.

Operating your Group

The Can I make use of freegle page gives some useful advice on how to benefit as a standard member of your group whilst ensuring that you are not seen as profiting yourself.

Grants and Funding

As volunteers we give our time unpaid to do the work necessary to run our groups. Some volunteers also incur expenses in publicising their group and there is no reason not to look for funding to help with this. The type of expenses that can be acceptable as a non-profit group are:

  • The cost of traveling to an event or a meeting directly associated with the Freegle group's activities (at cost if by public transport, or an amount not exceeding the Inland Revenue taxable mileage allowance if using own vehicle [1])
  • Postage, stationery etc.
  • Printing costs of leaflets, stickers, business cards etc
  • Event costs - displays, banners, gazebo etc.

You will need to keep receipts for all items of expenditure and draw up basic accounting records, to prove that grants and funding you have spent were for legitimate items for the group. If you need help with this, contact the Freegle Funding Group or the Freegle Board for advice.

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