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When should members be moderated?

Ideally Freegle groups should be set to moderate new members. Moderating new members ensures that you can:

  • Weed out spammers and scammers.
  • Nicely share a pointer or two about how or what to post.
  • Tell members that there's a group closer to where they live if that is relevant.

Commonly members are taken off moderation and put on group settings:

  • After they have posted an offer or request that follows your group rules.
  • if they live in the catchment area (but only if you have any guidelines restricting out of area posts or cross-posting - many groups don't).

Try to remove members from moderation as soon as possible.

Taking members off moderation

You will see the option to change the status of the member when you approve their first post and each subsequent post. Just click on the box saying 'moderated' on the right hand side and click on 'group settings'.

If you wish to set a member back on moderation, you can do so by:

  • Click on Members>Approved in the left hand modtools menu, then search for the member ID or email address.
  • Click on the member's Group Settings button and click to Moderated.
  • If needed, add a note to the change to say why the member has been returned to moderation via the Add Note button. Please remember that members are entitled to ask to see all information we hold about them, so judicious wording is recommended!

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