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Freegle Tech Report July 2014
Posts 13722-13774
Members 95

If you are interested in participating then you are welcome to join us, even if you only want to dip in and out. Mods are wanted who are willing to try out new stuff, test any tweaks done, or just comment - please come along.


New servers performing well and meeting the publicity spikes fairly easily. We did have one downtime lasting for a couple of hours .

Spammers & Scammers .

Quieter now as most groups are now stopping suspicious emails at source and modtools is removing them promptly.
Lastest is offering a Laptop and Tablet. was removed the same day from groups using Direct. Others may wish to check as they sometimes lurk and reply to member requests.

Facebook, Snaply, Twitter & Direct.

  • In response from a members comment on Direct, Edward has said he thinks the whole FD interface could do with improving and he would bear his suggestion in mind  if and when he gets around to doing it.
Sub groups
  • We were asked it 'would be possible to have a member's full details when they try to recategorise a message as the ones that come through for theirr group were seldom valid and usually ignored. Edwards thinks this is possible.
  • Further to the report of some members getting confused when posting events;  a configurable item to allow groups to disable repeat events  has now been added.

Remember though if you keep the original verification emails you can just click on the link to not allow it, to have an event removed, or you can log in and remove it yourself.

  • Some changes have been made to help stop the app picking up random words instead of the location. This has meant some remapping of places which previously mapped okay. They are rapidly settling down to the odd one. and there no reports of any of the silly ones we had been getting. Please let Edward know if your group is seeing a much higher of incidence in the mapping


  • A new problem which occurred was the attachment of spam in an Admin footer. They have confirmed it was their problem but it may be worth holding off on any admins until it is definitely sorted.
  • Some mods use email programs (Thunderbird) via the Yahoo SMTP server at

This no longer works if sent as the "owner" address, as there are no log-in credentials associated with that account.
ModTools and FD now send from another address with a Reply-To header of the - owner address to get around the Yahoo change.

Problems Fixed

  • Someone was connecting to the Facebook page when they logged into Direct, and when clicking on the group Freegle link it took them to the facebook page. This was promptly fixed.

Questions asked and responses.
Q. I keep getting ‘Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.’ when clicking on links.
A. Try clearing your cookies. There have been a few reports of this with the latest FF update.
Q We often accept a post and ask the person to say add a location or a charity no if they repost
I was asked if that can be done from the reminder to repost they receive?

A. No, They can go to their ‘my.posts tab’ when when get the reminder though.
Q. A group I am helping has a broken description on Facebook and I get an error message instead.
A. Neo broke some descriptions and links. You usually just need to change the links to the logos in the settings. If you want a picture or logo, no longer on the Yahoo page then put them on one of the many internet apps like photobucket, get the links. I think either the html or webpage one works. Pop it in the box in the Direct settings under description or sidebar. Helps if you keep the shape of the page by leaving the first bit of coding and replace only the link bit. If you want help mail

Support Group

Email support @
They can

  • Remove members for you .
  • Find out more information about a member if required.
  • Give advice if you are struggling to understand something.
  • Stop emails going out to Direct and FB members.

Freegle Tech
'1st Aug 2014

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