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 Freegle Tech Report August 2014
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If you are interested in participating then you are welcome to join us, even if you only want to dip in and out. Mods are wanted who are willing to try out new stuff, test any tweaks done, or just comment - please come along.


Anyone got one of these? Samsung Galaxy S3, Android 4.3
There is a problem where some photos don't upload properly to FD. One user sees this repeatedly when using the default browser on this device/OS, but not when using Chrome. I'm wondering if someone else could verify this - it's easy to see as you don't get the thumbnail after uploading a photo.

Facebook & Direct.


Freegle members on most groups get an Admin on joining, some groups have still not got one going out as it was not possible at the time they were set up on DIrect. If you want help then contact
Unfortunately members do not have access to the ‘Welcome email on joining’ after they receive it on joining, and we are discussing whether to make some availability to it via a link on the Direct page. Why not join and have your say, as some feel moderators should send out a copy when required, instead of expecting members to click on a link?


These have been enhanced to display relevant local recycling places in their area for members who have failed to find a home for their stuff or are still looking. If there are none then there will just be a request to add one. This uses data from Give It For Good, which is likely to add a significant number of charity shops soon, using purchased data.
At present it displays any within a 5 miles radius of the member. Comments welcome

Problems found and sorted.


Some groups member sync did not work for a couple of days and as a result groups and posts went missing from the members tab. This was corrected when found, and they all seem to have returned to normal, unless you know of any members who say they have lost their group tab. If so please report it to

A complaint from a member that he has tried contacting us three times using the contact moderators button on FD led to us finding out it wasn’t working and hadn’t been for a while. This was promptly sorted and it now working normally.


This has and is causing some problems. Google’s quotas seem to be getting hit with astonishing regularity.
Some work has been done on it last week by Edward, and also I find it is accepted mapping I am doing even when the quota has been exceeded. Do comment if you see any recurring themes.
There were more reports of porn images visible for images hosted on Yahoo, so I have again blocked display on FD of images from Yahoo. If you have a group logo which is hosted on Yahoo, please change it for one hosted somewhere else. When you have hosted it the link can be inserted in the groups FD settings.

Questions asked and responses.

Q Is there something we can do to help this lady change her settings?
A, She went onto FD by clicking the Yahoo ID button. She was not granted an FBuser ID as members joining this way rely on the Yahoo group membership when they have one. As she then left or was removed from the Yahoo group, she now needs to either rejoin via Yahoo or join up via Direct and return the confirmation email..
Q, Can't find any helpful instructions to explain how to feed posts onto a group Facebook page. I have a group that just receives the stuff sent from ilovefreegle but not any local posts, can't that be done anymore?
A. You can link your Twitter account to your group page. You have to go in settings and at the bottom is a link to click to your Facebook account, once you click yes you get a drop drop with your pages, and you can pick one. You can only link one page for each Facebook account you have.
Q. Not sure if there's a delay but I've just tried to update the logo for a group and its not updated yet. The new URL is showing in the settings and I've clicked on the link in the owner email.
A. Its cached per session, try logging out and back in.

Support Group
Email support @
They can
Remove members for you .
Find out more information about a member if required.
Give advice if you are struggling to understand something.
Stop emails going out to Direct and FB members.

Freegle Tech
1st September

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