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(This document was adopted by the Board at their meeting of 24th September 2014)

Who is a Member of Freegle Ltd?

Someone who has been admitted to membership at the Board’s discretion, and who has a paid subscription. Only Members can vote in Freegle polls.

Who can be a Member of Freegle Ltd?

Anyone aged over 16 who supports our objects and is an owner, moderator or other volunteer for a Freegle affiliated local community, or who is a volunteer for Freegle, can be a Member.

What is the Membership subscription?

A nominal amount paid for a share in Freegle Ltd - currently £1. Each Member has one share.

How can I become a Member?

An invitation is sent to every volunteer either via a community owner address or directly when new people join as volunteers and Central or NGT is notified. Invitation to Membership letter

The Board approves Application for Membership forms - [1] - and you will then receive notification of your membership and details of your share certificate.

How do I or why would I stop being a Member?

There are several ways that your membership can be terminated:

  • If you give notice in writing to the Secretary that you wish to resign as a Member.
  • If you are no longer active as an owner, moderator or volunteer (if you were accepted into membership on that basis).
  • If you die, are wound up or go into liquidation.
  • If you are expelled in accordance with the Rules

Do I have any responsibilities as a Member?

  • You will need to participate in general meetings and take an active interest in Freegle.
  • You have a duty to respect the confidential nature of the business decisions taken by Freegle.
  • Your liability to Freegle in respect of any debts is limited to the value of your share - £1.

What are general meetings and how do I participate?

These are meetings for Members - all Members are entitled to attend, participate and vote . They are held in accordance with the Rules and are held online. The types of meeting are General Meeting, Annual General Meeting and Special General Meeting.

Can I own more than one share?

No, each person can only own one share each, even if they moderate several Freegle affiliated communities. This means that every Member has an equal share in Freegle Ltd to every other Member.

How many shares are available for Members?

There isn't a finite number of shares as there is no Membership limit. There are no 'spare' shares either, if they haven't been issued they don't exist.

Why should I become a Member?

So that you can participate in the national organisation of Freegle Ltd, vote on our future and demonstrate your support.

Members are also entitled to a free copy of Office Profession 2016 to help with Freegle volunteering.