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A member does not have to live anywhere near a particular Freegle group in order to be a member of that group.

Some groups do have a local policy on this, e.g. you can only join this group if you live there or in a neighbouring area - this can mean that the group is more orientated around a local community and that gifted goods don’t travel as far.

If you are considering implementing a policy like this, you may wish to poll your members. It’s also a good idea to be willing to make occasional exceptions, as there are lots of reasons why people join groups away from where they live, for example on behalf of relatives who do not have computer access, or they are clearing the house of a deceased relative or friend - also people often work or study in a different place from the one they live.

Richard has created a brilliant guide on how to set up a poll on a yahoo group, it can be found here!

And here is an ADMIN on Keep it Local

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