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Running Your Group: A big thank you to all the people who have contributed to this wiki section. We started this lovely compendium of wisdom in 2010! Some have provided admins, some edited and proof read, some written whole sections. The ones listed known of are listed here in alphabetical order, apologies for any missed!

Carol and the West Aberdeenshire Mods

Chris from Penrith

David from Reading

Edward and the Edinburgh mods,

Jacky from Great Yarmouth,

Jacqui from Bedford,

Jane from Uckfield

Jean from Trafford

Jon and the Woking mods

Kath and the Huddersfield mods

Mark from Derby

Ollie from Leeds

Peter and the Hunts mods,

Peter from Islington,

Paul from Ascot

Richard from Ipswich

Richard from Waveney

Russel from Bracknell

Ruth from Porthmadod

Seb from Wolverhampton

Susan and the Wellingborough mods,

Wendy from Leicester

and finally I am Caroline from Camden

Other people have continued to contribute to the wiki over the years. These include:

Craig from Edinburgh

Dee from Croydon

Jo from Fife

John from Hertford

Roger from Kingston on Thames


Running Your Group