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Welcome to
Manage-local-group.pngRunning Your Local Community

This section of the Wiki is aiming to provide you with guidelines, resources and some odd bits of hopefully useful advice for running your community. If you find something missing, please do add it yourself or mention on Freegle UK Central Group that you would like it added.

Click on the blue title of each section to access the contents list for each one.

Basic Information

Basics of what constitutes a Freegle Community. This section has links to what we have all agreed are the basic elements of being Freegle.

First Steps

Congratulations, you have joined the Freegle network. Now what?! Have a look at the links in this section which hopefully will give you some information and ideas.


The software programme we use to moderate and run our local communities. Explanations galore!

How To Deal With

During the day to day operation of your community, this section gives you ideas how to deal with items, members and issues that might be giving you pause for thought. Lots of examples of messages you can use are included.

Freegle Direct

Freegle Direct (the website) is lovely, this section has some guidance to help you get the most out of it.

Freegle App

We have apps so members can use Freegle via their mobile devices - explanations here!

Recruiting, Training and Retaining

Information on finding and looking after your team of volunteers is covered in this section.

Local Community

Do you have a Cafe for your group? How to deal with other groups or agencies in your community? This section has some pointers for you.

Local Funding

This section will link you to pages which give information on how to go about attracting some local funding for your community.

Local Group Initiatives

Some local communities have undertaken special initiatives, this section provides links to those.

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