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If you are need of confidential support about a delicate local Freegle Team issue that cannot be resolved locally, here are some options
  • Consider asking for advice on http://freegle.it/central, bearing in mind that it will be read by many other mods, including those possibly affected by the issue
  • Contact any of the elected Freegle Board directly, or collectively Directors@ilovefreegle.org
  • Contact Info@ilovefreegle.org The mailbox is manned by Jacky (Great Yarmouth Freegle), Wanda (Luton Freegle), Kylie (Croydon Freegle) and Susan (Wellingborough Freegle) who, with your permission, can forward your query to the most appropriate Freegle Team for advice.

(The other two people with back-up access to the Mailbox are Paul (Ascot Freegle) and David (Reading Freegle).)

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