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There are two general Central groups that all owners, moderators and volunteers of groups affiliated to Freegle are welcome and encouraged to join. Central Discussion and Working Group Membership Policy explains the criteria for membership of all the centralised Freegle groups.

All Central Groups (Central, Cafe and Working Groups) are looked after by the Discourse Support Team

Freegle Central Group

This is your main group to ask for help and information from your fellow Freegle moderators. It is a strong recommendation that you and your co-moderators belong to Freegle Central.


If anyone wants to raise a general comment or ask questions about the way Freegle is working, they can just post a message on the group!

Freegle Cafe

Off topic group for all Freegle volunteers to chat, post jokes and ditties, and generally socialise.


Working Groups

Members of Freegle Central Group can join Working Groups if you want to help mould the Freegle of the future!

A summary of our central policies, procedures etc can be found in the category:Policies, Procedures, Remits


New members of Freegle Central and Working Groups are encouraged to consider the following as a part of getting involved.

  • Introducing yourself to the Group and sharing any relevant experience which you bring to the group. Of course, everyone is welcome in the Freegle Working Groups regardless of experience.
  • Familiarise yourself with how Working Groups operate.
  • Review any task list the group might have to see if there is anything which you would like to contribute, or anything active which you would like to take on.
  • And lastly, please engage in the discussions on the Group, contributing your thoughts to the collaborative process.

Participating in the Central and Working Groups can be a first step toward getting more involved with your Freegle organisation on a national level.

Links to all the central groups of Freegle:

All the following central groups for Freegle can be found on https://discourse.ilovefreegle.org/

  • Freegle Central
  • Freegle Cafe
  • Freegle Development Working Group
  • Freegle Tech Working Group
  • Freegle Funding Group
  • Freestock

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