Annual Director Resignations and Election 2022

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Annually at the AGM some Directors have to stand down in accordance with the Rules [[1]] and an election held to fill vacancies.

For the AGM of 2022, the elected Directors voluntarily standing down are Andy Ludlow, Dee Moss and David Greenfield. The Board made one co-option during the last term, Mike Paterson, so Mike's term of office finishes at the next AGM. This means four Directors in total are standing down, creating a total of four vacancies, as the current Board has 9 elected Directors for 9 places.

The election for new Directors commenced 28th July 2022 with a nomination deadline of 7th August 2022.

4 out of 6 nominations were confirmed as candidates so,because there was not more candidates than vacancies, they will be elected unopposed at the 2022 AGM.

The elected Directors will be David Greenfield, Mike Jury, Mike Paterson and Penny Townsend.