AGM 2012 Growth Working Group Report

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The Freegle Growth Working Group has been formed from the Start Working Group. Start had been initially set up in 2009 to discuss policies and procedures for creating new Groups. Earlier this year we realised there was no longer such a need for this and that priorities have moved towards helping Groups to grow. The Freegle Structure Working Group therefore now concentrates on all policy decisions and our Group discusses ways of helping groups to grow.

Some of the topics we have dealt with over the year include:

  • Best Practice for Groups (
  • Mentor Team (
  • Helping groups with low numbers
  • Regional mod groups
  • Guidelines on dealing with member complaints
  • Local meet ups

We have 78 members and would very pleased to welcome more. Please come over and join us and let us know if you need help or are able to help out others.

October 2012

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