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Here are a few guidelines we ask everyone to follow on this Wiki, with the aim of avoiding stepping on toes:

  • Please search for pages before creating a new one
  • Make sure your links work
  • Don't leave blank pages without a declaration that you are intending to come back at some point to do it - and do so! (Each page has a discussion page which is intended for discussion about the content of that page: changes suggested, work in progress, etc)
  • Check the history of a page before making any changes and be sensitive about editing other people's work
  • If you are about to make some more significant changes (e.g. entirely rewrite an important page, or change the category structure), send a mail (to Central) saying so. That way you can flush out people who might also be intending to do that, also find people who might want to review the changes
  • Mail folk in the 'history' to ask if they want to review your changes
  • This wiki has categories (the filing system for all these pages) so please use them!
  • Avoid acronyms if you can
  • Look at other pages in the same category as your proposed new page and choose a page title that 'fits' in any protocol already established
  • Using the categories, good keywords and succinct page titles mean other people can find information easily in searches, so all these are very good ideas!

You can find a list of categories via the toolbox on the left - Special Pages > List of Pages > Categories You can also see all the pages, in their categories and portals on this spreadsheet [1]

Also remember that when making changes and for keeping up with changes - the wiki allows you to watch for edits on pages you are interested in so if you make a change, the wiki prompts you with an email - it has a sophisticated means to compare versions and then you can challenge the changes or leave them be.

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