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Hi, This is Christian from Wilmslow.

I joined Freegle together with my whole Freecycle group when we got the famous "thank you. Please step down" email which shows how much respect Freecycle has for its hard working active volunteers.

I am a post grad Software engineer with the University of Manchester.

Weird Redirects

Weird under construction =

Things I personally disagree with

Hi Christian

This is Alison, Burgess Hill. I'm coordinator of the Growth Working Group and one of the Reps.

Welcome, its great to have you on board :-)

I have taught myself to put stuff on the wiki but its very much learn as I go along so I'm not sure about etiquette for user pages so if its not right to reply like this please let me know.

Should we add in advice to back up membership lists via the plug in and/or, if on Freegle Direct, opt to sync the membership list via the plug in?