Unused and Redundant National Groups Procedure

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Adopted by the Board at their meeting of 29th April 2015.

This procedure does not apply to dormant or abandoned local Freegle reuse groups.

Yahoo or Google groups set up in the name of Freegle nationally (for Teams, Working Groups etc) which end up unused or made redundant should have ownership passed to volunteer-support@ilovefreegle.org and board@ilovefreegle.org addresses. The members of the group will be consulted either before change of ownership or, if this is not practical, after to ensure that there is general agreement to close it. The group will be set to full moderation to effectively 'close' the group without deleting the archive of information. Access to the archives will be available to the members of the group, and to Freegle Volunteers by request to the owner address. The home page of the group will be changed to reflect its status and a pointer to a replacement group given if that is applicable.

Groups set up specifically to deal with appeals or personal information will be kept by the owner for a period of not less than 6 months after the last message is posted relating to the appeal or sensitive situation. The group members should preferably set a minimum time limit for keeping the group open as part of their work. The group can then be deleted, after notifying the Board at least 7 days before doing so.

All groups that have been archived or deleted will be listed on the Freegle wiki.

Groups archived/deleted:

National Groups established on Yahoo:

Yahoo announced they were starting to effectively close Yahoo Groups from October 2019. All working national groups were quickly moved over to Discourse (www.discourse.ilovefreegle.org):

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