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Here are some thoughts about any offers of a timeshare you may get on your group.

A typical message might be:

"I am offering two weeks timeshare 1 bedroom all fees paid to date (no debts) weeks 43/44 this is a fabulous timeshare resort full details on request,there is a web site where you can view gallery photos etc.

Please note this is not just a holiday, but holidays for life.

I don't want any money for the timeshare, but the new owner will I must make it clear that, The new owner must complete the transaction in Gran Canaria and bear the cost of transfering the deeds etc"

Sounds too good to be be true? It probably is! This is a standard timeshare marketing technique (have a look at http://timeshareforfree.com/).

Do you remember all those phone calls that said you have won free membership to such and such a gym? All you have to pay is the monthly fee. The financial model was based on membership fee not being necessary as enough profit was made on the monthly fees.

Ditto with the time shares - the deeds are given away - but the profit is in the fees (it's just like paying a rent on a contract you can't get out of really!) However as many resorts won't resell or accept back the deeds - which they gave away in the first place - you are locked into a contract!

So the bottom line is - it is probably not a good idea to accept these messages on your group - it does not save landfill, it isn't really FREE, it has strings and it may well be that this sort of advert is not squeaky clean legal in this country.

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