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The blue highlighted words you clicked on have now brought you to this, another page. You could now read all about blue words, but instead we thought you might like to know other stuff.

The blue words you see throughout the wiki can link you to another page in the same wiki or they could link to you to a page somewhere else. Before you try the next one, be aware you will probably need to press the 'back' button on your browser to get back here! So, try these ones -



They will both take you to the same page on Wikipedia, but just look slightly different, depending on the way they have been entered on the page.

Hopefully you are now back on this page, having learnt who invented wikis, so lets show you something else we do here that helps you find your way around the pages.

At the very bottom of each page you will see 'Category: ........'. We have sections of information which are called categories and we pop each page, as it is written, into a relevant category. You can look at the category, to see the titles of all the pages in it, by clicking on name of the category. To return to the page you were looking at, just click your browser back button or click on the title of the page you have just left on the category list.

Lastly, the last piece of text on each page will say 'Back to .......'. We have adopted this to help you return to the last page you were on. The 'Back to ....' page is the most likely one we think you were on before finding this one!


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