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 Freegle Tech Report September 2012

Messages 10035-10269

Members 92

If anyone is interested in this stuff you are welcome to join us, even if you are technically challenged. Non-techie mods who are willing to try out the new stuff are always appreciated.


!!!!! Join now box - This has now become obsolete and will no longer work!!!!!
Anyone having it on their Yahoo group should remove it or contact freegledirecthelp @ for someone to do it for them. This is the one attached to Edward's app, and adds the member straight to the members list, not the previous one some used, which just acts in the same way as a Yahoo join button.


New items were trialled and opinions on improvements, and ideas sought and given as is usual.
Problems raised by members and moderators were answered or fixed , mainly by Edward. The server needed a kick once, but it was generally a quiet month.

ILoveFreegle Website

The supporters page on the main site is now up and running.
Mentions are by name only and are displayed in a random order. Use if you wish your own or a members name to be included. Checkable information may be required (name for donations, or verification from the owner email address if a volunteer).


Facebook has opened up the red notification jewels.
This allows Freegle to send notifications about new stuff, events, or to try and re-involve members who may have turned off the wall posts. So far of 20,113 displayed there have been 2,746 clicks to visit the app - so these are very successful.

Community Event Roundups

These are now being sent out weekly, to groups whose members have posted any events.

Yahoo stuff

a. It was raised and agreed that Freegle Green is not the best colour for lots of text and stuff as it is difficult for many with eyesight problems to distinguish on a white background. We have changed the colour in the emails.

If you have most or all of your writing in Freegle green on your homepage, or another colour with a poor contrast and would like some help changing it then mail

b. Yahoo have said that thebug missing the g off the end of FB email addresses should now be fixed, at least when replying from digests. If you get any future complaints from members, please mail support @

c. Member Plugin.
This is being discontinued, as Edward does not have time to continue supporting it. Support will be withdrawn in two months and it will cease to function at all after eight months.
Few members use it, but unfortunately we have no list of which groups have it available. Groups are advised to take off the coding which puts a button for members to click on on the Yahoo page immediately.
The row of coding usually found at the top or bottom of the group description coding, can remain either until it stops working or you have contacted any of your members who use it.
You can check if it is being used to post messages in the last month, if you use the moderator plug in to get your message posting stats each month, or by visiting the stats page on the plug in server .
Members of groups, using Direct who use it, can be given a link to that, as the the new functions offer a better interface.
Want help to remove it? Then mail freegledirecthelp @
or drop me a line at dorothyjeanquinn @

Questions raised and answered.

Q.The events option is live, should I send out an admin or will they know how to use it?
A. You can send out an admin, but it is quite easy for them to work out how to post.
Q. A member sent me a comment cc'd to log @ email address. How come they knew the address?
A. The member comments are copied to us, because it could be useful feedback from a tech angle. If a group would prefer it not to, then they can mail support @ with their request to have it turned off.
Q. I see FB members set to `no mail' do they get the Admins which I send out as a stand alone message..
A. Yes, they get all the ones put on individually as separate mails. They don't get those sent automatically, because they usually contain stuff which would confuse them.
Q. If I turn off the digests will I still get the Community Event one.
A. Yes they are separate.
Q. FB reposts carry a link rather than the photo. Is this right?
A.Yes that is how it works at present.
Q. Am I correct in assuming Freegle Direct members get a different ID for each group so cross posts are not showing up with plugin?
A. Yes they do have separate ID.s as they are already pre approved on the groups before they join. Crossposting cannot be easily checked just now, but is on the wishlist. It's harder for Freegle Direct members to crosspost because they have to do it manually.

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