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Tech Working Group Report August 2010

Group link Freegle Tech

The task list for Tech can be found at Tech Tasks. This report is for August 2010, messages 1473 to 1734.

Mass Mailing

  • The method to mass mail all -owner addresses was shared with the group.
  • The Ombudsman poll was sent out once shortlinking, communication and proof reading were sorted out. Some reports of non-delivery were received.
  • The Skills Survey was sent out but it appears Yahoo have changed their spam detection, which means this was not received by all -owner addresses.
  • Sorting this out is a high priority.

Tasks 19.4-19.6 Priority 1


Discussions about altering the code for Limesurvey so that default messages within the software could be changed. It was concluded that this could be done but is pending more input on what the implications might be. (Not on task list)

Google Analytics

A selection of the statistics provided by Google analytics were discussed. Task 18 Priority 99


  • Regular checks of our Wiki and Freegle’s entry in Wikipedia for inappropriate contributions are carried out and reported on the group. Checks are also made to the Freecycle entry on Wikipedia. Reminders are sent out via group calendar.
  • An easier editor was added to our Wiki to make it simpler for ‘non-techie’ people to contribute.
  • It was found that the new editor feature supersedes previous settings on some pages, making icons not clickable but just appearing as an image. Further investigation needs to be done on this to allow icon use throughout the wiki without compromising the ability of people to edit pages. (Not on Task List)


  • A suggestion to extend each group’s listing on the website to include more information about the area they covered was discussed. An extra field was added for groups that wish more information and the method for adding an extra field to the website was shared on the group. Further discussions, however, concluded that this might muddle the website and it has not been adopted, pending a group poll.
  • A suggestion was agreed to add a status field to the configuration of a group on the website to make it easier to accommodate delays in group launches. A group visibility field has now been added but this has not yet been supported by the other group apps on the website.
  • A suggestion that the Members’ FAQ needed amending was delegated to the proof reading team.

Orange Mobile App

A competition to design a mobile app to help other people was mentioned but not taken up.

New Shortlinks

These were tested and found to be working well. The page will be categorised and coverage checked. (Not on Task List)

New Working Group

The new Local Funding group was shortlinked and a request made that another ‘unofficial’ funding group home page was appropriately edited.

Group Membership Stats

It was confirmed that only one message each week should be posted on Central on membership stats; others generated mid week should be ignored.


A new feature was added to Maps which uses a green arrow to point to the location searched, whilst nearby groups are shown with green heart markers. Previous red heart markers for nearest groups have been removed.
posted as a Special Notice on Central 14th September 2010

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