Tech Group Report 2010-06-30

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This is a summary of the messages posted in June in the Freegle Tech group.

Messages in Total 168. From message number 912 to 1079

  • Group/Area postcodes were discussed and whether they should be used to determine a group's area - it was basically decided to not do this as it is a potential minefield.
  • Making it easy to link to us - should we provide some sample HTML on to allow people to link to us on their sites? It was suggested to use the shortlinks more, (and has since been suggested that HTML snippets should be provided).
  • Wiki permissions were discussed - how do we authenticate members and ensure people have the right access?
  • Changes to the mailing process were discussed as well as changed.
  • It was discussed whether Freegle should use SVN as a way of tracking software versions, this is one of the items on the to-do list.
  • An example slide show was designed for the ilovefreegle website, and photos requested.

"We always need more techies to help out, so don't be bashful - join up and pitch in".

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