Structure Group Report 2010-05-30

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The Freegle Structure working group can be found at

This is a summary of discussions since our last report of 25th April 2010, covering messages 2663 to 3404. From the early days of Freegle we have changed from a weekly report to a fortnightly one, and this is now a monthly report. We would appreciate feedback - is monthly an acceptable period? We keep an updated Task List - - which can be accessed at any time for more info about what we are up to. We have 65 members at the moment - new members are always welcome!

Conditions of Office for Reps

We were asked by the Reps to drop all other work and concentrate on coming up with a draft process/procedure that addresses the temporary suspension and permanent removal of Reps from office. Our earlier draft Governing Document had outlined the reasons why a Rep's term of office could be terminated, but we needed to expand upon that to include breach of working practises, then come up with a procedure to put the policy into practice.

After much discussion it was agreed to have an internal poll to agree key areas and concluded the following:

  1. All mediation and arbitration should be handled internally in Freegle.
  2. Rep suspension should be for an initial term of 4 weeks. A maximum of 4 additional weeks can be added when required.
  3. A Rep is suspended when an internal Reps poll passes that suspension with 7 Reps voting in agreement.

But we were unable to clarify one vital principle - whether the responsibility to permanently remove a Rep could be devolved from the whole Membership. A poll has therefore been sent out to all Members following a short consultation period on Central. The poll results should be available to the Group c.6th June. We anticipate a possible final poll to Members on a suggested process c.20th June following a period of consultation on Central.

Reps Communications

It was agreed that the Reps should join the Working Groups and Central with the Reps official address, so that messages sent out on their behalf would clearly come from them to end confusion about whether messages were personal or not.

New Items on the Task List

We have added two more pending tasks this month. One is to consider whether the 10% override vote for Central on decisions by Reps is practical and proportionate. It was proposed that this may need to be reconsidered as the number of members on Central increase. The other is to work with the new Returning Officer (about to be appointed) to consider a policy for polls.


The spokespeople for this group are Jacky (Great Yarmouth) and Edward (Rep, Edinburgh and pedestrian). Owners are Wendy (Woodley) and Jacky. This message is being sent out as a Special Notice.

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